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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Renee's Garden Fundraiser Project

Ozarks Gardening
Jim Long

Renee Shepherd of Renee’s Gardens told me this week she’s started a new seed project aimed at school gardens and other nonprofit groups. It’s a really great idea and I thought some of our readers might be interested.

Around the U.S. there are many schools that have added school garden projects, specifically in grades K-6. Schools are being pressured by parents and interested groups to change the school lunch programs in an effort to fight obesity. The schools are trying to offer healthier meals that aren’t deep fried junk food, but that include fresh fruit and vegetables.

I recently ran across a Magnate School in Jonesboro, Arkansas that has raised beds in which the children grow a variety of vegetables. (The school’s focus is health and nutrition). In a dozen 3 by 10 feet beds the children are growing lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, squashes, herbs and lots more. There are additional raised beds, as well and the school has a teaching kitchen with work tables and stove, sink and refrigerator, where each of the six grades learn about preparing what they grow.

This new project of Renee’s is meant to support schools like the one in Jonesboro as well as other nonprofit groups around the nation. What she offers is this: go to her website and click on this link: and sign up your organization for the fundraising project. You’ll receive a very brief form asking the name and purpose of your nonprofit organization, and who will be responsible.

Once you have signed up, you’ll receive your own coupon code for the organization, along with a press release you can use to advertise your project. Your organization refers your members, or the public, to Renee’s website. Your organization then receives 25% of the price of all of the seed ordered using that coupon code. (What a deal! You’re going to order seed anyway, why not use your purchase to support your own organization’s fundraiser?)

This is a year around fundraiser so you can promote it in your organizations’ newsletters throughout the year. If you have not visited before, check out her seed varieties. I especially like her selections. She does something that most seed companies fail to do, which is offering mixtures of seed. For example, she includes yellow, white and green bush squash together in one packet. Radishes include several colors in one package; lettuces can be ordered as individual varieties or several in one packet. I’ve used her seed for years and highly recommend her offerings. And this new fundraiser program is a great idea for just about any kind of nonprofit organization wanting to raise money for their group.

Here is the information from Renee's Seed:
Fax to: 831-335-7227
Email to: (put "Fundraiser" in the subject line)
Mail to:
Fundraising Program
6060A Graham Hill Rd.
Felton, CA 95018

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